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Cultural Agility

Cultural Agility Training©

Many approaches to equity and inclusion training rely on the premise of "cultural responsiveness" or "cultural tolerance" and can lead to diversity fatigue.  No one wants to be responded to based upon the assumptions of others and no one wants to be tolerated. These approaches tend to profile different sub-groups and require individuals to catalog the variations of groups and the vary concept of culture that are rooted in visual identities. 

Our approach, Cultural Agility, is based upon the following pillars of belief:
  • EVERYONE, regardless of phenotype or outward appearance, has a cultural self that is unique to self
  • Every interaction is a cultural interaction
  • To understand and appreciate the cultural selves of others, one must identify and appreciate one's own cultural self
Cultural Agility* - ability to be one's authentic cultural self while engaging others and honoring their cultural selves (Peake & Jordan, 2016).

Participants of Cultural Agility Training© have expressed increased interpersonal and professional growth and appreciation for the learning modalities utilized in Cultural Agility Training©.  Individual consultations, small team and larger group professional development sessions are available.  

Cultural Agility Training©  teaches participants to move from cultural encapsulation to cultural engagement, learning to identify, strengthen, and flex their cultural agility muscles. 

To learn more about Cultural Agility professional development and consulting services, visit The Center for Cultural Agility at:

"The only variable any of us really control is ourselves.  So it is to our benefit to strengthen our cultural agility muscles to develop a self-reflective disposition that supports environments engaging to all. We provide the context of Universal Design, engaging all who enter our space to provide their unique content" - Marcy L. Peake

*Term origin unknown, this is our working definition

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